About Us

The Living Legacy is a stimulating series of hands-on workshops linking Jewish learning to Jewish practice and family celebrations. The legacy programs have become the extra curricular Jewish education in most of Montreal's schools. The children gain an expressive appreciation for Jewish tradition through active personal participation.

The programs are divided into two categories:

Holiday Series: In the holiday series participants craft a beautiful and genuine shofar from the raw horn for Rosh Hashana, go to an imaginary marketplace to learn about the mitzvah of lulav and etrog for Sukkot, press olives for oil used in the Chanukah Menorah and bake their own matzos for Passover and much more.

Mitzvah Series: The Mitzvah series, to name a few, includes a havdalah workshop where the children are able to make their own havdalah candle, a Mezuzah workshop where the children learn the laws and customs pertaining to the mezuzah scroll and create a copper mezuzah cover in their own original design.

Take a stroll through our site and learn of the amazing programs all of Montreal is raving about. Feel free to contact us with your questions, comments or suggestions.

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Rabbi Pinny Gniwisch, Executive Director

Rabbi Nochum Greenwald, Associate Director