Matzah Bakery

March 18th - April 3rd, 2020

model matza bakery flyer 2018

Recommended Grades:

Nursery - 7th


$5.50 Per Student. ($300.00 min. per presentation)

Student Takes Home:

Their very own freshly baked Matzah, and a custom-made bakers uniform!

Matzah is the traditional bread of faith. Its message is an integral part of our morals and beliefs. The story of Passover is animated and recreated for the students. They are then taught how to bake their very own hand-made Matzah. Fashioned after a real Matzah bakery, students assume the real life responsibilities of kneading the dough, rolling the Matzah, baking it, etc. They receive their very own freshly baked Matzah and custom-made baker’s uniform.

Bookings canceled within a month prior to the show- responsible to pay half of the existing invoice.

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